Our recent post on the Jenkins marriage at Fratello’s included only a few photos.  After Lana rolled up her sleeves and got busy, Thomas and Stephanie ended up with some amazing photographs!

So, before we get started, I just want to say that Thomas is my Hero.  One of the great benefits of having a husband & wife team is we split up and cover the Bride and Groom respectively.  This is great idea, because I had to spend the day with Thomas riding Harley’s, shooting pool at the Billiards Hall, and other very cool things.

We recently delivered the final gallery to them and the pictures are stunning.  We shared a few of the photographs below.  Thomas and Stephanie came over one evening and we had a great night.  Strangely enough, we again split up into Bride and Groom teams and did our own thing!

Today, Lana and I headed over to the Radisson in Nashua to scout out areas to photograph a wedding this weekend.  Well, we know that venue very well, however we wanted to see how the light was at 6:30 pm for our photo shoot.  On the drive home, I received this text message from Thomas…

At a wedding in Beverly Mass right now and we are realizing now how lucky we were to have both of you compared to these guys.

In the middle of our busy day, txt messages like that really make us love our work & clients!  Thank you again Thomas and Stephanie!