Can’t decide on a videographer for your wedding?  Wedding videography isn’t for every bride and groom.  Whether the cost is prohibitive, or you just don’t want the invasiveness all day long, making the decision can be difficult.  Videography is very specialized and finding the right company can be challenging.  Your end product can range from raw footage to a well edited product that really captures your day.  On average, about 10% of our weddings have a professional videographer.

With most brides and grooms leaning away from a professional service, what options do you have?  A few weeks ago I photographed this setup at Manie and Alicia’s wedding.  Anybody can order this setup from Amazon for cheap money.  A simple tripod, add a ball mount and phone mount and you’re ready to roll!

$5 Ball Mount makes adjustments a snap!


$7 Cell Phone Mount

$7 Cell Phone Mount

We use this setup ourselves to capture some of our photo booth events like this…

Spice Up the Party from New England Weddings on Vimeo.


Some tips to keep in mind…

  • Depending on your phone, you may want to limit the size of the video.  If you have a new iPhone 6S, well congratulations you can probably record your entire day in Hi-Def.  Here’s a good article on phone videos
  • Do a few practice runs and go through the process of downloading the video too.  Always practice, don’t experiment with your wedding day video!
  • Depending on your phone, check that autofocus is behaving correctly.  Your phone may guess how to focus, have a trusted family member there to make sure it looks okay and the bride and groom are focused!

If you decide to give it a try, reach out if you have any questions.  Just don’t tell the videographer we recommended this idea!