Most of our clients make a few visits to our studio for selecting pictures or options for their wedding albums.  Inevitably, everybody gets to meet “the twins”; our 2 yr old identical twin boys.  They’re very social kids and since they have mastered door knobs, will likely find their way into the studio for proper introductions!

My Mom has an English Degree and worked as an Editor.  I’ll always remember that IBM type writer she clicked away for hours at a time.  Most of my family are avid readers.  My Mom became a “snow bird” and settled down in Florida, but still works in a library.  Every few months, I receive a large parcel from the Sunshine State loaded with Children’s books that my Mom located in her travels.  Books were always special in our house.  Money was always tight, but Mom always found a way to keep the bookshelves well stocked.

Lana stumbled across this idea for a children’s book on Kickstarter.  It really felt like two of my worlds collided with children’s book focused on pictures.  Jeez, what a really great idea!

The idea for this book came from the fact that we are in danger of having a generation of children without any printed record of their lives. As a society we are taking more photographs than ever before, but what are we doing with them? For many the photographs languish in the Cloud, never to get printed. As the wife of a cybersecurity expert, I am in the scary position of knowing too much about the instability of the Cloud and how easily data can go missing. Personally, I have no idea where my Egypt photos are from my first holiday with my husband. They are just gone! As a professional family photographer, I feel like it’s my duty to try and get people to print out their photographs and create keepsakes for their future generations. 

We wrote a blog about photographs before.  Today, people take over 400 Billion pictures annually!  However,  print industry continues to decline.  You can read some more statistics on our past blog The Value of Your Photograph.

I know that’s depressing, so what can you do??? 

  • First, organize your photographs.  There are plenty of online services, just keep track of all the great photographs you take!  Organize them into digital albums.  Just spend a little extra time sifting through the good vs bad shots.
  • Order some prints!  Once you print a photo, it becomes more “real”.  Walk around your home and count how many picture frames you have on display.  Wow, that’s not many.  We try and rotate our photos with all of the latest shots of our kids and family.
  • Carry a few photographs in your wallet.  Not everything needs to be digital!  How cool would that be?  Show your friends real photos of your spouse and family!

One more thing you may consider is a donation to Julia’s book!  You can even get an early copy to share with your kids about the importance of printed photographs.  For the record, we don’t know Julia, we are just super-impressed with her idea and will be contributing ourselves!

Until our next blog… happy printing everybody!